Thursday, April 11, 2013

Goodbye black box trading. Welcome Gray Box Assistant

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The Internet is, truly, the great leveler for traders. There was a time when it could have taken years for a technology or technique that was in use by the professionals to be made available to the gifted retail investor or trader.

Not any more. For a while now it has been apparent to large hedge funds and Forex dealing institutions that the holy grail of a Forex trading robot, which could be uploaded into a computer and allowed to operate unsupervised, making profits while the owners were away doing something else, was a dangerous delusion. The reason for this is the total confusion and disorder that exists in the Forex markets from time to time. Robots can be a recipe for disaster.

Not ones to stand still, the big players moved on, as they always do, and discovered that Algorithmic trading does have an important part to play, but as an assistant to the discretionary trading that well trained humans can be so good at, rather than as a trading robot.

Now this technology is available to those outside of the institutions and hedge funds, who nevertheless make up a large part of the Forex trading community.

Omicron Forex has developed a suite of complementary products that takes full advantage of the idea of a Grey Box, as opposed to the illusory Black Box. There are books (The Omicron Forex Trading Manual), the Omicron Forex Silver Trigger Algorithmic grey box software routine for MetaTrader MT4, MT5 and the Dukascopy JForex platforms, and the Omicron Forex “Psychology of Trading” interactive online Forex training course.

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