Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A textbook Algorithmic AUDUSD trade

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The Omicron Silver Trigger was set to run against the AUDUSD pair on April 24th, to take only short trades after we became aware that there was a possibility of a cut in the cash rate by the Reserve bank of Oz. There were also murmurings that Australia could lose  its AAA ratings, and we blogged about this.

The routine did nothing until May 1st, when it decided to enter a short position. This did move into a small profit but otherwise languished until we awoke this morning (May 7th). to find that it had hit its first profit level and moved the stop to Break Even.

One real value of the OmicronForex routine is in imposing the discipline necessary to ensure that the trader would not enter the market too soon in the mistaken belief that he or she always has to be trading. The Silver Trigger has no emotions and therefore was not a bit anxious about the fact that it had to wait for a meaningful signal from its algorithm before it moved.

A classic example of a successful algorithmically assisted Forex trade. (Click on the highlighted text to tweet it).

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