Sunday, May 12, 2013

Is this a US dollar long-term reversal?

As early as last February we discussed the likelihood that the US dollar might be approaching the biggest sea change in its behaviour, in Foreign Exchange terms, since as far back as a lot of people in the business can remember.

Now the news is full of a strengthening US dollar.

While we at Omicron Forex make good use of the Algorithmic trading and Quantitative Analysis research tools we have developed, there is, as we continue to insist, a place for fundamental analysis in the effort to be profitable in Forex.

Apart from that, we remain acutely aware that we are at all times dealing in probabilities. The success of our commentary is gratifying, certainly, but there is no doubt that the markets can confound. The fundamental need remains to take all steps to ensure that complacency is never an issue.

But one thing is for sure: Foreign Exchange trading is a fascinating subject and this is a fascinating time. Long may it continue. 

And it also helps if your trades are profitable. 

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