Sunday, September 22, 2013

Attention brokers and all FX resource providers: Our blog - your website

The Omicron FX blog is interesting and informative. It is incisive, pithy and unbiased, with no aim other than to maximize Foreign Exchange trading profits using all the methods at the disposal of the focused, attentive and highly experienced analyst that writes it.

We now offer the blog, free of charge forever, to all FX brokers and to any other entity that provides any kind of service to Foreign Exchange traders or indeed any traders. The trading principles expounded are applicable to all.

You can incorporate it into your web site using the straight forward RSS or Atom feed instruction to be found here:

The RSS and Atom feeds are scrupulously clean. There are no pop-ups, hidden redirects or anything else of that nature. Just deep and meaningful comments and advice on all aspects of Foreign Exchange trading, updated each weekday. Get it now.