Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OmiCronFX has partnered with Tradeslide, a revolutionary concept in trading

We are delighted to announce that OmiCron FX has partnered with TradeSlide, a truly revolutionary concept in trading. The OmiCronFX blog will now be carried each day on the Tradeslide website. OmiCronFX will also be registering its trading platforms with Tradeslide, and will actively seek to recruit the very best trader talent for certification with Tradeslide.

Tradeslide grades traders according to how well they understand risk and its control, as well as market direction and timing, so as to be consistently profitable while eliminating the liklihood of significant losses.

Tradeslide is a trusted intermediary between traders and investors. It awards TS Scores, which are recognised certifications in trading ability and are based on institution grade statistical standards.

Tradeslide will also provide a platform for proven traders to operate on behalf of both investors and aspiring traders who value mentoring while having their accounts traded profitably.

The time is at hand when any trader worth his or her salt will require an acceptable TS Score. The day of the luck-dependent amateur, who blossoms for a while on the back of extreme risk and a few fortunate choices, and then disintegrates, is coming to an end.

Watch the Tradeslide video:

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