Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FOMC policy meeting and US Congress vote | The new OmiCronFX website is launched

FOMC policy meeting and US Congress vote

Later in the global day today, at 2:00 PM New York time, or 7:00 PM GMT, the Federal Open Market Committee will make its announcement for December, which will be followed by a press conference. No change is expected in monetary policy, although the market is waiting, some would say with bated breath, for some clue as to when Quantitative Easing will begin to be “tapered”.

Also later in the day the US Congress will vote on the agreement between Republicans and Democrats that is designed to prevent, for two years, the kind of stalemate that led to budget uncertainty and a partial close down of Federal institutions in October of this year. It is expected to pass but any hiccups along the way could trigger volatility in the markets.

We cannot give forecasts as to what the future holds in either of these cases so we will be keeping our powder dry, by means of a minimalist position in the market, until we see what transpires.

The new OmiCronFX website is launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. It can be accessed at Using the website we will now be making extensive us of social media, especially LinkedIn, to get the word out about what we do.

Apart from trading success, the acceptance of the daily commentary on the economic and other factors that influence Foreign Exchange has been most gratifying. It is to be found at

OmiCronFX trading results are now being verified by This is an independent auditor of Foreign Exchange trading results. It goes to considerable lengths to be able to guarantee that the accounts posted are genuine.

We have two accounts on myFXbook at present. They can be found by placing "OmiCronFX" in the search field at the top right hand corner of the myFXbook home page (marked with a small magnifying glass symbol). You can then use the drop down button to access our accounts, which will be found under "Systems".

Alternatively, to go direct from here, simply click on the following links:

OmiCronFX Number 1 account

OmiCronFX number 2 account

OmiCronFX now has a full suite of products to facilitate those who would like to both learn Foreign Exchange trading and also experience copy trading while learning is taking place. We are making arrangements so that our trades, which are informed by a combination of Fundamental, Technical and Quantitative Analysis, with trades placed and managed by the Silver Trigger and Mandelbrot algorithmic routines, can be automatically copied to client’s trading platforms to be executed against their own broker accounts, to which only they will have access.

The daily commentary explains the logic and risk control measures behind the trades. Copy trading will illustrate the importance of timely execution. The high level of fundamental and other research we carry out obviates the need for our clients to do similar work, while the OmiCronFX books and training courses demonstrate the principles required for traders of all sorts. These deal with topics that range all the way from Technical and Fundamental Analysis to the Psychology of Trading.

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